Curriculum Vitae


Harriet L. Wolfe, M.D.

2105 Divisadero Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Office:  415.921.1046


President, International Psychoanalytical Association

Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UCSF School of Medicine

Training and Supervising Analyst, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis


1961-65                   Smith College, Northampton, MA, B.A., German

1963-64                  University of Hamburg,  Jr. Yr. Abroad

1965-67                   Columbia University, M.A., Germanic Languages and Literature 

1969-70                  University of California, Berkeley, Premedical Studies

1971-75                    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, M.D.

1975-76                   Hospital of St. Raphael (Yale), Flexible Internship

1976-79                   Yale University School of Medicine, Psychiatry Residency

1980-8                    Yale Department of Psychiatry, Fellow in Undergraduate Medical Education

1986-94                  San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, Adult Psychoanalysis

                          (now San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis)


1979-88                  Medical License, Connecticut                                               License No. 020120

1980                       Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Lifetime Certificate)

1985-present        Medical License, California                                                   License No. G56189

1994                       Certification in Adult Psychoanalysis, American Psychoanalytic Association


2021-present       President, International Psychoanalytical Association

2019-2021             President-elect, International Psychoanalytical Association

2017-present       Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco, Volunteer Faculty

2016-18                  President, American Psychoanalytic Association

2014-16                  President-elect, American Psychoanalytic Association

2011-13                  Board of Trustees Chair, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

2006-07               President, American College of Psychoanalysts

2006-present       Training and Supervising Analyst, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

2000-03                President, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society (now Center)

1998-2000            President-elect, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society

1990-17                  Associate Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco, Volunteer Faculty

1985-90                  Associate Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco, Full-time, SF General Hospital

1979-85                  Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine


1989-90                  San Francisco General Hospital: Director, Residency Training, UCSF Program in Psychiatry

1988-89                  San Francisco General Hospital: Deputy Chief, Clinical Services, Department of Psychiatry

1985-88                  San Francisco General Hospital: Director, Psychiatric Emergency and Consultation Services

1983-85                  Connecticut Mental Health Center: Director, Division of Community Services New Haven, CT

1981-83                   Connecticut Mental Health Center: Director, West Haven Mental Health Clinic

1979-80                  V.A. Medical Center, West Haven, CT: Chief Resident in Psychiatry, and Assistant Ward Chief, Evaluation and Brief Treatment Unit


2009                        Distinguished Service Award, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

2006                        Distinguished Service Award, American Psychoanalytic Association

1986                         First Annual Leah M. Lowenstein Award for Excellence in Teaching (Yale)

1980-81                   National Fund for Medical Education Fellow

1975                         Ohio Mental Health Association Prize

1975                         Alpha Omega Alpha


1994-present       Private Practice of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, San Francisco

1985-present       Private Practice of General Psychiatry (Part-time), San Francisco

1979-85                Private Practice of General Psychiatry (Part-time), New Haven


2014-present, 1983-99    American Psychiatric Association

2014-present, 1985-99    Northern California Psychiatric Association

1995-present                        American College of Psychoanalysts

1994-present                        San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

1994-present                         American Psychoanalytic Association, Active Member

1994-present                        International Psychoanalytical Association

1987-94                                  American Psychoanalytic Association, Affiliate Member

1980-85                                American Medical Women’s Association

1978-97                                 American Medical Association


1980-84                  National Board of Medical Examiners; Psychiatric Consultant to the Physician Assistant Multiple Choice Examination Committee

American College of Psychoanalysts:

2006-07                 President

2003-05                 Treasurer

2002-08                 Board of Regents

San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis:

2012-13                  Co-Chair, Capital Campaign

2011-13                  Chair, Board of Trustees

2008-11                 Chair, Progression and Graduation Committee

2006-present       Training and Supervising Analyst

2004-06                  Ethics Committee

2004-06                  Theory Committee

2003-06                  Chair, Applegarth Infertility Symposium Planning Committee

2003-04                  Past President

2000-03                 President

1998-04                   Board of Trustees (Chair 2000-03)

1998-00                  President-elect

1995-98                   Public Information Committee

1994-present        Faculty Member

1992-98                  Extension Division Committee

1991-93                  Development Committee

1990-03                 Candidate Advisory Committee

1988-92                 Candidate Representative to Curriculum Committee

American Psychoanalytic Association:

2018-present        Immediate Past President and Executive Councilor

2016-18                  President and Chair, Executive Council

2014-18                  APsaA Representative to Psychoanalytic Consortium

2017-present        Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Proposed Joint IPA-APsaA Research Project

2015                        Chair, Research Summit Committee

2014-16                  President-elect

2010-11                  Strategic Planning Task Force

2007-14                 Committee on Psychoanalytic Education (Chair 2012-14)

2005-12                 Consultant, Membership Requirements and Review Committee

2004-06                Task Force on Reorganization

2003-06               Chair, Task Force on Expanded Membership Criteria

2003-04                Committee on Council

2000-03               Executive Councilor (Alternate Councilor 1998-00, 2003-04)

1999-05                Council of Presidents of Affiliate Societies (Chair 2000-03)

1998-11                  Fellowship Committee (Co-Chair 2001-04, 2007-10)

International Psychoanalytic Association

2018-present       Task Force on Representation

2017-present       Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Proposed Joint IPA-APsaA Research Project

2015-18                   Founding Board Member, Psychoanalysis Today (Interregional eJournal)



2022       Presenter  – “The Fraternal or Horizontal Approach to Conflict Resolution in Psychoanalytic Organizations.” EPF Panel: “An Ideal Psychoanalytic Institute?” 35th EPF Annual Conference.

2022       Presenter  – “A Different Sort of Pregnancy: When the Analyst Adopts.” COWAP Panel: “Motherhood Without Pregnancy.” 35thEPF Annual Conference.

2022       Invited Speaker  – “Analytic Listening in Different Contexts.” ILAP Analytical Listening Conference, Uruguay.

2022       Roundtable Discussant  – “A New Self? A New World?” FEBRAPSI 28th Brazilian Congress of Pschoanalysis.

2022       Presenter  – “A Different Sort of Pregnancy: When the Analyst Adopts.” COWAP Dialogue: “Women, Gender, Culture and Future.” Inaugural Table-Conversation of the XV Latin American COWAP Dialogue. 

2021       Invited Speaker – “Continued Thoughts about the Infantile and its Multiple Meanings.”  Symposium, in honor of Angelika Staehle.

2021       Invited Speaker – “Plenary.” Conference: “From Action to Representation.” 2021 British Psychoanalytic Society Psychoanalysis English Speaking Weekend Conference

2021       Invited Speaker – “The Sibling Complex and Sibling Attachment: Implications for Conflict and its Resolution in Psychoanalytic Institutions.”  7th Edition of the Mens Sana in Corrpore Sano, Uruguay.

2021       Invited Speaker – “Opening Ceremony.”  XLIII APdeBA Online International Symposium.

2018       Presenter – “Clinical and Cultural Perspectives”.  Discussion of Falk Leichsenring’s paper: “Psychodynamic Therapy as Efficacious as Treatments Established in Efficacy? A Meta-analysis.”  Joseph Sandler Psychoanalytic Research Conference: Outcome Research and the Future of Psychoanalysis: Researchers and Clinicians in Dialogue, Los Angeles.

2017       Presenter – “Problems in Training During Periods of Transition.”  Education and Oversight Committee Panel, 50th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association, Buenos Aires. 

2015       Presenter – “The Crisis of Change: A Psychoanalytic Center Moves Downtown.” Panel: “Psychoanalyzing Psychoanalysis:  Learning from Consultation to Analytic Institutes.”   49th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association, Boston.

2015       Chair – “Our Vital Profession”.  Keynote paper and panel, Fred Busch presenting. 49th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association, Boston.


2022       Presenter – “Reimagining APsaA – Psychoanalysis Reckons with Racism: Meeting the Need for Transformation” APsaA National Meeting Presidential Symposium, Boston.

2022       Presenter – “Psychoanalysis at the Crossroads.” The Harlem Family (Psychoanalytic) Institute “Harlem’s Psychoanalytic Renaissance” Series.

2021       Invited Speaker – North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC) Meeting.

2020      Discussant – “History of Psychoanalysis: The Early History of Psychoanalysis in San Francisco.” Daniel Benveniste, presenting. American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting.

2017       Invited Speaker – North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC) Clinical Case Conference.  American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

2016       Invited Speaker – “Psychoanalysis: Its Relevance to Modern Society.”  Winnicott Society Annual Meeting, St. Louis Institute for Psychoanalysis.

2016       Invited Speaker – “Erotic Transference.”  Yasmin Roberts Memorial Lecture, Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, MA.

2016       Invited Speaker – “Memorial in Honor of Robert Wallerstein.”  Panel, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

2015       Invited Speaker and Chair – “One Dream, Three Perspectives:  The Dream and Dreaming in Clinical Practice and Training.”  Presidential Symposium, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

2015       Invited Speaker – “Avoiding Collapse: Applying Psychoanalytic Thinking to Organizations in Crisis.”  Symposium, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

2015       Discussant – “Working Therapeutically with a Borderline Patient.”  Psychotherapist Associates Discussion Group, Pernilla Schweitzer PGY-4, presenting.  American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting.

2015       Chair – American Psychoanalytic Association Research Summit, Boston.

2014       Invited Speaker – “Psychoanalysis of the Difficult Patient.”  Workshop on Deepening the Treatment, American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting.

2008       Invited Speaker – “Defining Objectives for the Evaluation of Candidate Progression.”  Workshop on Curriculum and Didactic Teaching, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

2003       Invited Speaker – “Love in Psychoanalytic Treatment: Its Necessity and Its Perils.”  Symposium on Psychoanalysis and Literature, American Comparative Literature Association.

2001       Invited Speaker – “The Experience of Psychoanalytic Training.” Special Panel for Students and Trainees, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

2000       Recorder – “Conflict in Contemporary Clinical Work.”  Panel, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

1996       Invited Presenter – Two Day Clinical Workshop, Edgar Levenson discussing.  American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting.

1995       Invited Presenter – “Investigating the Menopause: Challenges and Options.” Ruth Lax Discussion Group, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

1995       Recorder – “Hallucinatory Wish Fulfillment.” Panel, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

1991       Invited Presenter – “Psychoanalytic Considerations about Patients with Organic Illness or Major Physical Handicaps.”  Pietro Castelnuevo Discussion Group, American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting.

1991       Recorder – “Psychoanalytic Considerations about Patients with Organic Illness or Major Physical Handicaps.”  Pietro Castelnuevo Discussion Group, American Psychoanalytic National Meeting.

1991       Invited Presenter – “Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Injury.” First National Rehabilitation Research Work-in-Progress Workshop, University of Alabama.

1990       Invited Presenter – “Applications of Psychoanalytic Principles to Psychiatric Hospital Treatment.”  Workshop, American Psychoanalytic Association National Meeting.

1988       Panel Member – “The Toughest Patients: Who Treats Them and How?” Symposium, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

1985       Discussant – “Psychiatric Aspects of Medicine.”  Paper Session, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

1985       Chair – “Clinical Interviewing for Second Year Medical Students.” Workshop, American Association of Medical Colleges.

1984       Presenter – Mild Head Injury Conference.  Department of Neurosurgery, University of Michigan.

1983       Chair – “Urban Emergency Services: Triage or Treatment?” Issue Workshop, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

1983       Invited Presenter – “Bereavement: The Family at Risk and the Family for Prevention.” Co-Writer, Selby Jacobs. Yale University School of Medicine Conference Honoring Stephen Fleck.

1982       Presenter – “Churches as Partners in Chronic Patients’ Care”. Issue Workshop, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

1982      Presenter – “The Mental Status Exam: A Useful Pedagogical Tool.” Paper Session, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

1981       Presenter – “Boundary Functioning in Disturbed Families.”  Paper Session, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.


2018       Invited Graduation Speaker – San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis: “Leadership: I hear there is a vacuum!”

2016       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “Command Hallucinations:  Threats to Compliance and Threats to Life.” Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Eleanor Woodward PGY-1 presenting.

2015       Invited Presenter – “In Memory of Robert Wallerstein.”  San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

2014       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “Torturous Voices:  The Person Behind the Symptoms.”  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Inti Flores PGY-1 presenting.

2012       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “The Biopsychosocial Method of Formulation”.  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Nadia Taylor PGY-1 presenting.

2010       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “Trauma, Repetition and Mastery.”  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Karen Finch PGY-1 presenting.

2009       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “Cultural Diversity in Training and Treatment,” Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Elhav Weinstein PGY-1 presenting.

2008       Invited Discussant/Speaker – “Making Sense of the Patient: The Formulation.”  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, Anna Molofsky PGY-1 presenting.

2007       Chair and Discussant – Infertility Conference in Honor of Adrienne Applegarth.  San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society (Sponsor).

2004       Invited Discussant – “Significant Forgetting: A Clinical Study” by Ruth Malcolm.  Scientific Meeting, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society.

2002       Invited Discussant – “Ethical Concerns in Transferred Psychotherapy Cases.”  Grand Rounds, UCSF/Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute.

1994       Presenter – “New Directions in the Theory of Female Psychological Development.” Central California Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting on Gender Issues in Treatment.

1993       Invited Presenter – “Office Security Concerns of the Legal Provider.” Panel, Bar Association of San Francisco.

1991       Invited Discussant – “The Evolution of the Concept of Interpretation” by Alan Skolnikoff.  Scientific Meeting, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society.

1990       Invited Presenter – “Psychiatric Aspects of Closed Head Injury.”  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital.

1989       Invited Presenter – “Treatment of Violent Patients.”  Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital.

1988       Invited Presenter – “Major Mental Illness and its Treatment.”  Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco.

1988       Invited Presenter – “Psychiatric Aspects of Closed Head Injury.” First Psychosomatic Grand Rounds, Laguna Honda Hospital.

1987       Invited Presenter – “Principles of Interviewing.”  Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco.

1987-90 Invited Presenter – Head Injury and Amnesic Syndromes.  Six Consultation-   Liaison  Conferences    (UCSF and SFGH).

1986-87 Invited Presenter – “Emergency Psychiatry.”  Two Clinical Conferences, McCauley   Neuropsychiatric Institute.

1986      Invited Presenter – “Violence in the Psychiatric Emergency Setting.” Grand Rounds, Langley Porter Institute.

1985      Invited Presenter – “Boundary Assessment of Families: A Tool for Inpatient Clinicians.”  Grand Rounds, McCauley Neuropsychiatric Institute.


UCSF School of Medicine:

1995                        Chair, Selection Committee for the Dr. Charlotte C. Baer Memorial Award

1994                        Selection Committee for the Dr. Charlotte C. Baer Memorial Award

1993-97                  Association of Clinical Faculty, Department of Psychiatry Representative

UCSF Department of Psychiatry:

1993-97                  Grand Rounds Committee

1991-94                  Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee

1988-90                 Committee for Training of Medical Residents

1987-88                 Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee

1987                        Chairman’s Advisory Committee

1986-90                 Interviewer, Residency Selection Committee

1986-88                 Faculty Council (Vice-Chair 1987-88)

UCSF/SFGH Department of Psychiatry:

1988-90                 Chair, Education Committee

1987-90                 Chair, Grand Rounds Committee

1986-88                 Chair, Psychiatric Emergency Service Renovation Committee

1985-87                  Family Task Force

1985-90                 Residency Training Committee (Chair 1989-90)

1985-90                  Executive Committee

1985-90                 Clinical Administrative Committee

1985-90                 Research Committee

Yale School of Medicine:

1984-85                  Sponsor, Student Chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association

1983                         Selection Committee for Dean of the Medical School

1981-85                   Status of Women Committee Subcommittees:  Statistics on Full-time Faculty, Sexual Harassment Policy

1980-84                 Medical School Council (Steering Committee, 1981-84)

Yale University Department of Psychiatry:

1984-85                 Supervisory Allocation Committee

1980-85                 Undergraduate Education Committee

1980-81                  Residency Selection Committee

Yale Connecticut Mental Health Center:

1983-85                 Executive Committee, Medical and Professional Staff

1983-85                 Credentials Committee

1983-85                 Accreditation Committee


2005                      Consultant, Boyer House Foundation, San Rafael, CA

2002-present      Advisory Board, Access Institute for Psychological Services, San Francisco

1990-2013             Board Member, Children’s Psychological Health Center, San Francisco

1987                          Consultant, Highland Hospital Medical Staff Special Committee to Review the Department of Psychiatry, Oakland

1985-88                 Community Advisory Board, San Francisco General Hospital

1983-85                 Board Member, Dixwell-Newhallville (CT) Community Mental Health Center


2011-13                   Consultant, Haiti Rape Prevention Project, Children’s Psychological Health Center

2009, 13, 15         Consultant, Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.


Formal Scheduled Classes for UCSF students:

1988                         Elective for psychiatric residents: Seminar in audiovisual aids: Teaching of interviewing to medical students.

1988                         Psychiatry 131 A & B: Lecturer on interviewing and mental status exam. Member of course planning committee

1987                          Psychiatry 131 A & B: Section leader and lecturer on interviewing and mental status exam            

1986 – 90              Diagnostic Interviewing: Introduction to psychiatric interviewing for PGY-I residents.

 1986                        Psychiatry 131 A &B Intro to Clinical Psychiatry: Section Leader

Additional Teaching at UCSF Dept. of Psychiatry:

2008 – present   Weekly supervision of PGY-3 or PGY-4 residents in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

1994 – 98              Seminar leader for clinical faculty elective (monthly): “Supervision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.”

1992 – 98, 05      Weekly supervision of PGY-2 and PGY-4 residents in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

1988 – 90              Monthly Chief’s Rounds: Interviewed a patient & discussed the psychological aspects of the case with attendings, residents, and medical students assigned to SFGH units.

1986 – 90              Introduction to Emergency Psychiatry : Organized and supervised a week-long rotation in Psychiatric Emergency Service, SFGH, for PGY-I residents.

1985 – 90           Clinical Case Conferences (SFGH): Monthly rounds to discuss difficult patients with PGY-I Residents (SFGH: inpatient, emergency service, consultation-liaison).

1990 –2005         Clinical Placement for Hastings College of Law    Organized and supervised pilot project for students studying psychiatry and the law.

Teaching at San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute (now Center):

2014                      Seasoned Clinicians’ Seminar: “Therapeutic Alliance.”                               

2009, 12, 13          First year candidates’ curriculum: “Starting Psychoanalysis.”

2006, 07, 08          Second year candidates’ curriculum: “Contemporary Freudian Theory.”

2003, 04, 05          Second year candidates’ curriculum: “Contemporary Freudian Theory.”

2000                      First year candidates’ curriculum: “Neurosis.”

1996, 97, 98          Second year candidates’ curriculum: “Ego Psychology.”

1994, 95, 02          First year candidates’ curriculum: Three session clinical case presentations. 

1994, 95                 Extension Division Foundations of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: “Interpretation.”

1993                      Extension Division: “The Process of Interpretation.”

Teaching at Oregon Psychoanalytic Center:

1999, 05, 08          First year candidates’ curriculum: “Structural Theory”.


Research Support:

Neuropsychiatric Factors in Injury, HHS Grant #R49/CCP 902270-01, 02.  Co-Investigator, 1987-1988, Primary Investigator, 1989-1991.

Other Research:

Violence in the Psychiatric Emergency Room (SFGH):  Prevalence and Risk Factors (Co-Investigator), 1988-1990.


1991        D.E. McNeil, R.S. Myers, H.K. Zeiner, H.L.Wolfe, C. Hatcher. The role of violence in decisions about hospitalization from the psychiatric emergency room. American Journal of Psychiatry 149: 207-212.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:

2021       Wolfe, H. (2021). Female leadership: Difficulties and gifts. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association69(1), 136–156. 

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Book Reviews:

2013       H.L. Wolfe.  Review of: Individualizing Gender and Sexuality: Theory and Practice by N. Chodorow.  Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 61: 181-186.

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Public Service Publications:

2012       G. Kliman, E. Oklan, H. Wolfe, J. Kliman, J. Tierman. “My Personal Story about the Tornados – Elementary through High School.”  San Francisco:  The Children’s Psychological Health Center.

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